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In January this year, nine beloved international authors of contemporary Christian romance banded together to offer a limited-time collection of all-new romance novellas perfect for summer vacation reading pleasure.

For those southern hemisphere readers stuck in the middle of winter, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this refreshing collection of faith-filled stories. Too cold for water?—curl up in front of a fire with one of these never-before-released Christian romance novellas set in Scotland, Zambia, Australia, Canada, and several American states, including Alaska, and disappear with the characters of each of these stories to enjoy hot summer days beside rivers, lakes, the ocean, and swimming pools.

I asked the SPLASH! authors what it was like collaborating together on this exciting boxed set.

Here are some of their answers.

Splash! Is my first Indie publishing experience after having six traditionally published releases. I’ve learned so much from the generous ladies in the group who have shared their expertise. I love the friendship and support that exists in the Splash! group. ~ Narelle Atkins

I love working with and mentoring other authors in my genre, Christian contemporary romance. Box sets are a great way to join forces, learn from each other, and gain access to each other’s readers. ~ Valerie Comer

Working on Splash! has been my first experience of working on a group writing project, and it’s been wonderful! There’s a real synergy when a group of Christians come together, a shared energy and enthusiasm that is far greater than what each of us bring individually. The fact that we all are doing this out of love for the Lord makes such a difference. To me, working with the Splash! group has proved the verse about “when two or more are gathered”. It’s been a blessing. ~ Autumn Macarthur

I’m honored to be a part of this talented group of authors. Writing a novella this year was a priority for me and the invitation to contribute to this collection came at the perfect time. Splash! is my first collaborative, boxed set collection but it won’t be my last. I’ve learned so much from the group and we’re having a ball preparing to launch Splash! out into the world. ~ Heidi McCahan

It was truly a thrill to work together with these ladies and see the variety all our stories have with a common theme. I’d had this story waiting in the shadows for several years, and I’m glad the timing was perfect for this collection. ~ Lynette Sowell

Love this project! It’s so much fun to see how 9 authors, on different continents, countries, and timezones, collaborated to make this box set happen. Not only does our fearless and tireless leader, Valerie Comer, make this all work, but all the authors in this TEAM have the same goal of making this a successful project. The teamwork, cheering on one another, and praying for one another, all are an encouragement to me personally. This is how Christian authors should work together—selflessly and sacrificially. So blessed! ~ Jan Thompson

And finally, myself ~ Marion Ueckermann. For me the journey of working together and learning from this amazing, witty, knowledgeable and entertaining group of women around the globe has been so phenomenal that I’ve signed up for a second boxed set, this time with Yuletide stories. Ladies, it’s been so much fun dipping my toes in the Indie Publishing pond with you all.

To get you excited about this awesome collection of inspirational romances, here are the short blurbs for each book.

Splash Book Cover Montage

You can download all 9 books for the amazing price of $0.99 here: buynow

His Perfect Catch by Narelle Atkins, author of the Snowgum Creek series
A holiday romance isn’t part of the plan when Mia Radcliffe temporarily moves to Sapphire Bay and lives next door to Pete McCall, her secret crush from years ago. Pete prefers the simple life. Can Mia leave behind her big-city dreams and settle with Pete in the seaside town?

Sweet Serenade by Valerie Comer, author of the Farm Fresh Romance series
Carly and Reed thrive on the rush of running rapids in a canoe until they capsize in both river and romance. Will secrets from the past drown their future, or can this idyllic summer romance lead to a lifetime of sweet serenades?

More than Friends by Autumn Macarthur, author of the Love in Store series
When nurse Catriona asks for help with her Vacation Bible School for disabled children, she never imagines how much could go wrong on a simple seaside day out — or that the colleague she’s secretly loved for years might come to see her as more than his best friend’s little sister.

Love Flies In by Heidi McCahan, author of the Emerald Cove series
He’s a seaplane pilot determined to honor his convictions. She’s a kayak guide who mocked his faith for sport. One small lakeside cabin in Alaska can’t house them both.

Testing the Waters by Lesley Ann McDaniel, author of the Madison Falls series
After breaking up with her ultra-critical boyfriend, Teresa decides to reinvent herself. She meets a nice guy named Curt on the beach in Crescent Cove, Oregon, and tells him she’s Terése from Paris. Pretending to be someone else is fun until the unthinkable happens — she starts to fall for him.

The Lifeguards, the Swim Team, and Frozen Custard by Carol Moncado, author of the CANDID Romance series
Lifeguard Alivia Collins looks forward to another summer on the guard stand at the Serenity Landing Aquatic Center. This year, she’s going to have to keep herself from falling for the cute, new guard – or realize it’s time to give love another chance.

Time and Tide by Lynette Sowell, author of the Lone Star Hearts series
When out-of-work fashion journalist Karyn Lewis uses the summer to regroup on the coast of Virginia, she plans to lie low at Pine Breezes campground. She doesn’t plan for her heart to be on a collision course with old friend Brodie Reed. They must decide if the past that looms between them will be too much for them to have a future together.

Draw You Near by Jan Thompson, author of the Savannah Sweethearts series
Savannah artist Abilene Dupree keeps her personal life out of her commercial paintings except one. That one painting has now brought Londoner Lars Cargill back to the coastal town and into her art world. Can she hold him at bay before he invades her personal space and her heart?

Orphaned Hearts by Marion Ueckermann, author of the Heart of Africa series
His faith buried with his wife, Simon devotes himself to raising his daughter and orphan elephants. Lady Abigail postpones an arranged marriage, leaving England to teach the children of Africa. Will his past—or her future—keep their hearts orphaned?

Giveaways you can win!

I’ll be giving away an eBook copy of my novella set in Finland, Helsinki Sunrise, to one lucky reader who leaves a comment on this blog post. Valerie Comer is also offering one reader a choice of either Secretly Yours or Pinky Promise (in eBook), other novellas in the same series as Splash! novella, Sweet Serenade. Autumn Macarthur’s offering an eBook copy of A Model Bride, which is where the hero and heroine from More than Friends, her Splash! Story, first appear as minor characters.

These are the links for the Blog Hop where you can win the other two books. (You can win Marion’s book by leaving a comment on this blog post.)

Marion Ueckermann

Marion’s passion for writing was sparked when she moved to Ireland with her family. Her love of travel has influenced her contemporary inspirational romances set in novel places. Marion and her husband again live in South Africa, but with two gorgeous grandsons hanging their hats at the house next door, their empty nest’s no longer so empty.

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