When God Makes You Feel Like a Little Girl

IMG_0671 (00000002)2Pink dress. Pink shoes. White stockings.

Cute little girls.

Cute little girls throw themselves in their fathers’ big arms and life is free from worries.

Someone is going to take care of them.

Someone is going to feed them.

Someone is going to carry them on his broad shoulders.

That’s what I felt when I posed for pictures at the phone booth at the Beauty for Ashes women’s conference this year.

I say “cheese”.

I make faces.

I try on different girly props one after another, getting ready for my “true Kodak” moments.

I rejoin the queue and I don’t mind the wait.

I feel light inside and without a care.

I feel uninhibited.

In those moments something inside reminds me that I am God’s little gal.

I am amazed that God’s hand can be felt and his voice be heard at the photo booth.

I am reminded that when I am in God’s presence, I can take off my superhero’s coat and just be. I am reminded that with all the messiness in my life, God loves me.

It is these seemingly small moments at the photo booth that bring out my goofiness and liberate me from the struggle of trying to be perfect.

These moments remind me that no matter what burdens I am carrying:

  • I am God’s gal
  • God would roll mountains if I was trapped underneath
  • He would quench fires in places that would otherwise burn me
  • I would still be protected even if I was swallowed by a whale of problems

This is the exhale my spirit has been longing for.

IMG_0661 (00000002)2I believe as women we need the photo booth moments, those moments that will remind us that we are God’s little gals.

It is true that many women carry the heavy responsibilities of families, the responsibility of being everything to everyone, often with a hundred and one things to deal with:

  • lunch boxes to pack
  • teenagers with raging hormones
  • bills to pay
  • endless to-do lists

When the pressures of life are upon us, we want to hold it all together for everybody else. We want to be strong even though we may be crushed inside.

What is amazing is that God won’t ignore the bruises you carry in your heart.

He is waiting to give you the ‘photo booth’ moment, the moment where you can be a girl and let Him take care of you and carry you in His big arms as a father would.

You too can experience God as your father

  • When you take a break from your daily life, your tired soul can hear His voice.
  • Open your eyes and heart to be aware in those simple moments. Remember the time Hagar was thirsty in the desert (Genesis 21:8-20)? The bible says that God opened her eyes so that she could see God’s provision. Just as God was with Hagar, He is in the smallest details of your life too.

Dikabo Mogopodi lives in Botswana, is married to Samuel, and has two little boys. She loves God and is passionate about cooking. She inspires others through speaking, writing and blogging. An analytical chemist by profession, she loves nature and the peace and quiet it offers.

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