When peace eludes you in the pre-Christmas rush

2017-12-15T22:17:40+00:00 December 9th, 2016|Categories: Advent & Christmas, Stress, Time with God|Tags: , , , , |

Sometimes, in the frantic rush to get everything done, the peace of the season seems to elude us. Below is a list of potential things that happen at this time of year which may contribute to increased stress during the December period. See if any of these ring a bell! Shopping for gifts Getting to [...]

Quit welcoming insecurity as a friend

2016-07-08T18:32:06+00:00 February 29th, 2016|Categories: Beauty for Ashes Speakers, Confidence, Heart Issues, Peace|Tags: , , , , , , |

Are you sick of insecurity?    Or has it been your friend these many years, eating dinner with you, whispering your worthlessness whenever it can? It’s time to say SCAT. Why? Because insecurity does nothing for you. It undermines your confidence. It makes you feel like you have nothing to contribute to the world. It [...]

A little peace theology

2017-01-08T14:42:55+00:00 May 17th, 2010|Categories: Beauty for Ashes Speakers, Devotionals, Peace, Time with God|Tags: , , , |

Angela Thomas spoke on this subject during one of her talks at Beauty for Ashes 2010. How about making a short study of the points below during your Quiet Time? God is peace – 1 Thessalonians 5:23 God sent His son, Jesus to be the Prince of Peace – Isaiah 9:6 When we become followers of [...]


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