Risking your heart!


If we open our hearts to anyone, we risk being hurt. 

When you open your heart you become vulnerable because you are exposing a part of your inner self.  The truth is, there is nothing more wonderful in the entire world than opening up your heart to others.  But, let me be honest and say, that the more you open your heart the more prone you are to getting hurt.

  • Physical pain is horrible, but there is nothing more unbearable than an aching heart. As I reflect on my life, I can say with all sincerity that I would take each and every risk of opening my heart all over again.  I am richer because I took the risk of opening my heart to others.
  • Think for a moment! If we never risked our hearts being open we would never have known love.  I only know pain because I know love.  I would never feel pain in my heart if I had never loved and cared.  It is because I have made myself vulnerable and opened my heart that I can feel anguish and pain.
  • I don’t enjoy internal pain, but this one thing I know, I will never stop opening my heart. I will never stop loving and caring.  You see the truth is, the more you love, the more intense your pain is when you are failed, rejected or disappointed.  Can you imagine not feeling pain?  How awful!  I would rather love and be hurt than never to have loved at all.
  • There are people all around the globe who are hurting. Our planet is a needy one.  Nations all over are being ravaged by war, sickness and death.  There is a risk in opening your heart to the poor and needy.  There is always a risk in opening your heart to the sick and the dying because you risk your heart being broken.
  • I am reminded that Jesus risked everything for me. What a risk He took!  He died on a cruel Roman cross for me.  He was spat upon, despised and abhorred, but He did it for you and for me.  Jesus modeled the way of love – He opened His heart and risked everything.  Jesus gave everything for our freedom.
  • If you are wondering if all your sacrifice, loving and giving is worthwhile, let me gently remind you that it is! Your heart may be broken, but it reveals how beautiful your heart really is.  The pain in your heart evidences the depth of your love and commitment.  You might be thinking, “I risked my heart, I risked everything, is this my reward?”  Life is tough!  It can be unfair.  But come back at lifeKeep your heart open – don’t put barriers up in your life!  The pain will pass, the wound will heal and your life will be richer and more meaningful because you were willing to take the risk.
  • I am so glad for the people who have taken a risk on me. My husband took a risk…a big one, when he gave me his heart.  I am so thankful he did.  He has enriched my life so completely.  I don’t want to fail the people who have risked their hearts for me, but I am sure that I have, simply because I am human.

This is possibly one of the most unusual blog posts I have written.

Deep inside of me is this need to encourage you to take that risk.

  • Perhaps it has been a dream you have had of going to a war torn nation and serving broken people.
  • Or, you feel inspired to reach out to the homeless in your city.
  • Maybe someone is feeling prompted to open their hearts to addicts.

You are scared!  “Is it worth the risk?” you ask yourself.
What if you fail?
What if your heart is broken?

In all honesty, you probably will have your heart broken and at times you will feel as if you have failed.  It will still be worth it all.  Let this be the year for you!

I know that when we see Jesus, we will say, “I am glad I risked my heart.”  It was worth it all!

Carol is married to Paul and they have two wonderful children and two grandchildren. She has lived on four continents, traveled to over 50 countries and preached in most of them. She is passionate about Jesus and His Kingdom and has just published her memoir, Wild Hope. She has a PhD in practical theology and currently serves as Director of the Graduate School at Trinity Bible College, North Dakota.



  1. Charmaine Berndt February 3, 2015 at 8:41 pm - Reply

    Thank you Carol, this blessed me and a much needed word of encouragement. Blessings to you and your family. Charmaine Berndt.

    • carol February 8, 2015 at 4:08 pm - Reply

      Blessings to you Charmaine – glad it was an encouragement to you. May the year be one filled with grace and blessing for you and your family.


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