It’s a brand new year for a healthier you!


God grants us new opportunities each day

God grants us the opportunity of a new beginning each day—and annually we have the opportunity of starting a brand new year which can have a profound effect on how we approach the future.  New year’s resolutions are usually enthusiastically decided upon giving us a fresh chance to begin again—time to leave behind the failures, disappointments and pain of last year and face the new year with hope, expectation and courage.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness. – Lamentations 3:22-23 

A desire for improved health is a common goal for many people at this time of year.  Some will want to shed unwanted Christmas kilos, while others simply want to feel better and experience more energy. If that’s you, here are some goals you may want to build into your list of new year resolutions for 2016:

5 possible changes you can make this year:

1. Weight: 

Weight can sneak up on us if we aren’t careful during the festivities, but in your quest to lose it don’t be tricked by creative advertising of shakes or pills—determine to eat proper food, God’s food, which is food your grandmother would have recognised—not packaged, processed, adulterated food-like fare.  Eating real food will protect you from obesogenic substances and chemicals which make you constantly hungry, and craving for all the wrong things, which makes weight loss difficult.

2. Health:

You can be as healthy as you choose to be. Resolve today to cook everything from scratch and avoid all take-away food for one month.  You will feel so much better you may decide to do this for the rest of your life; there is an enormous move back to healthy, real food.

3. Toss the microwave:

Seriously.  Microwaved food is denatured and nothing like a tasty as the food cooked on the stove or in the oven, plus you are not getting “nuked” food.  Sure it’s quicker – but at what cost to you and your family?  In a study by Dr Hans Hertel it was found that the very molecular structure of food changes and it affects the human body adversely in several ways.  Hertel found that people who ate microwaved meals experienced :

  • A reduction in healthy HDL cholesterol
  • A reduced red blood cell count
  • Reduced white blood cell count

4. Focus:

The world of technology makes life so convenient and is truly fantastic, but there comes a time when we need to block the world out and focus in on getting a task done.  Social media, cell phones and email take up way too much of our precious time.  Make time to do just email or social media, and then ignore it for the rest of the day.  This way you will be more productive and focused on other things.

5. Plan more “me” time (especially if you are a mum):

In this hectic world we spend ourselves for others, and finding just 15 minutes a day to do something pleasurable for yourself is almost impossible.  But do it—it will refresh and invigorate you—you owe it to yourself.

Sally-Ann is a qualified Integrative Functional Nutritional Therapist. Her best-selling book Let Food Be Your Medicine is about to undergo it’s 4th expanded updated edition. She has also co-written the best-selling The Real Meal Revolution with Prof. Tim Noakes, awarded the People’s Choice Book of the Year 2014, and received the 2009/2010 Award for South Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business & Government for her contribution to health.


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