Moving beyond woundedness


Three weeks in and out of bed with different viruses has given me an appreciation for my general, overall, good health.  I don’t like being bed bound, but sometimes your body wants nothing more than to rest and recover from the virulent virus that has attacked it.  So it is great to be up and about again.

I have done some reading and contemplation in this time and want to write a blog on moving beyond our hurts and pain.  All of us have lived life, and therefore suffered pain to some degree or other.  There are people who have suffered emotional abuse, and some have known serious physical abuse, and then there are other people that have had a whole host of challenges, such as pain, brokenness and despair cross their pathway.  Whatever the case, we all know what it is to carry hurt and pain.

In my view, there are some people that seem to cling tenaciously to their wounds.  It is almost as if they nurture their hurt and are not willing to let it go.  We can only experience true freedom when we give over our hurt and pain to God.

So let me share a few simple thoughts.  They are not all encompassing, but they might be a helpful start for someone on the road to recovery.

Here are a few principles that I think can be useful in navigating this journey to wholeness.

1.Recognize you are deeply loved 
Sometimes emotional, physical or any kind of wound can make you feel unloved and unappreciated.

Even if the abuse was not of your own making, you sometimes blame yourself for things that happened and wonder how you could have prevented them.  Self-loathing can often be a response to these types of circumstances.  What is important for us to grasp, is that God loves us.  There is nothing we can do to make Him love us less or more.  We are absolutely and completely loved.  Ephesians 3:18 says:

May you have the power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ . . .

If you understand nothing else, but grasp this truth, you will begin the pathway to wholeness.  God whispers in your ear that He loves you—nothing you have done or will do can diminish or strengthen His love for you.  Accept that love today!

2.Understand you are forgiven
When you ask for God’s forgiveness you receive it.  It is not granted because of anything you have done or could ever do, but because of all that Jesus did for you.  You do not have to do penance, and you do not have to work hard to attain God’s forgiveness—Jesus did all of that for you.  The only thing you need to do is to receive His forgiveness.

3.Realize God wants a relationship with you
Christianity is not simply a moral code for life, it is a loving relationship with God.  When we grasp this incredible love and forgiveness, and then realize that Jesus wants a love relationship with us, it is a transforming moment.  I pray that everyone reading this blog will have that moment of understanding God’s love and forgiveness.

Once we have grasped these truths we can move forward to wholeness.  We can finally let go of our hurts and disappointments.  We realize it is a new day, and just as we have been forgiven, so we need to forgive those who have harmed us.  It is not easy!  But this is the only road to real freedom.

Before we can truly forgive those who have hurt us we need to accept God’s love and forgiveness in our lives.

My prayer is that you may find His peace and grace and have the ability to move beyond your woundedness.

Carol is married to Paul and they have two wonderful children and two grandchildren. She has lived on four continents, traveled to over 50 countries and preached in most of them. She is passionate about Jesus and His Kingdom and has just published her memoir, Wild Hope. She has a PhD in practical theology and currently serves as Director of the Graduate School at Trinity Bible College, North Dakota.


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