Life is short—seize the day


A friend of ours tragically lost his wife a few months ago.  They were out enjoying the day together when she had a fatal accident that took her life.  I was reminded of the Scripture in James 4:14 

Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow.  What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.

I am certain that when our friends awoke on that morning they had no idea that it would be the last day they would ever spend together.

When I look at my grandchildren I realize how quickly time is going.  I sometimes feel sad that they are growing so quickly and I wish I could freeze the moment.

My daughter always reminds me not to feel sad about the moments that have gone, but to enjoy the day ahead of me.  How true that is.

The Bible warns us that life is short and it can be snatched from us at any time.

So how should the truth of that Scripture impact us? 

  1. Seize the moment before you  
    Enjoy this day!  Sometimes we do too much looking ahead.  We wish our baby was already walking and talking.  Or we are looking forward to the day our children will go to school.  It seems we are always looking for the next best thing instead of enjoying the moment before us.  Seize this day and live it to the full.
  2. Appreciate your family
    Don’t simply think nice thoughts about your family—verbalize them.  Tell the people nearest and dearest to you how much you love them and care about them.  Yes, they probably know you love them, but I can assure you that they enjoy hearing how much you care for them.
    The other day my little grandson Tylan looked at me and said, “I love you Cammy.”  I replied, “I love you too Ty.”  He then responded and said with a lilt in his little voice, “I love you to the moon and back.”  You have to know that he made my day.  Just hearing my little three year old telling me how much he loves me was a huge blessing.
  3. Be generous to other people
    Don’t just live for yourself, be a giver.  In my view, there is very little in life worse than a selfish person.  Don’t just live to please yourself, live for others.  There is nothing more rewarding!  I encourage you to look for a way in which you can bless some other person today.  Live your life generously.
  4. Keep your heart right with God
    There is nothing quite as important as ensuring that your relationship with God is right.  I am always amazed at how spiritual people become when someone dies.  Why?  Because we have this innate sense that there is something more after life on this earth. My relationship with God gives me great comfort.  It is not a relationship built on fear, but one that is established on trust.  God has held my hand through the darkest night.  He has shown me His loving kindness even when I have failed Him.  He is a loving and compassionate God and I can only commend Him to you.

So, in this moment, I encourage you to ‘seize the day.’  Live life to the full.  Laugh hard, play hard and serve God with passion.

Carol is married to Paul and they have two wonderful children and two grandchildren. She has lived on four continents, traveled to over 50 countries and preached in most of them. She is passionate about Jesus and His Kingdom and has just published her memoir, Wild Hope. She has a PhD in practical theology and currently serves as Director of the Graduate School at Trinity Bible College, North Dakota.


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