Jennifer Rothschild’s friendship with Lisa Whelchel


One of the best parts of coming to be with the beautiful women of South Africa is that I’m coming with one of my best friends in the whole world; Lisa Whelchel!

When Aldyth approached each of us to invite us, she didn’t even know Lisa and I were best friends. God did though! You’ve just gotta get your best friends and come join us. It really will be such a special time.

Here’s a peak  for you into mine and Lisa’s friendship through an excerpt from my “Me, Myself and Lies” Bible Study:

One of the most generous things anyone has ever done for me was something Lisa Welchel did. 

She and I became friends several years ago and began to walk together with honest accountability and closeness. One day she told me how much strength she was receiving from praying warfare prayers which she read from a book by John Eldridge. I sighed in interest and she said, “Let me read you some.”

Curled up on my gold couch in the living room, I remember I listened and prayed along with her, holding my cell phone to my ear. After she finished, she said, “These aren’t on audio but I want you to have them. I’m going to type these out for you so Baby Del (my computer) can read them.”

“Aren’t there a lot?”

“Yeah, but I’ll pray as I type.”

SB_05 (2)

1,359 words later, Lisa had tired fingers and an energized soul! I think she really beat up the enemy and kept God’s attention as she stood in the gap and prayed and typed.

Two important things happened with her gift of typing. 

First, she prayed. 

That is the primary strategy for fortifying your Thought Closet. Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 26:41 to “watch and pray.”

The word “watch” in Greek is gregoreuo, meaning to arouse oneself so that you can pay attention. In other words, awake your soul and pray! Your prayer is most effective when you are spiritually alert to your own weaknesses and your enemy’s schemes.

Jesus could have said, “Pay attention and speak Truth to your soul, lest you fall into temptation.” But He didn’t. Being alert to the enemy and telling yourself the Truth is imperative but it isn’t the same as “be alert and pray”. Sin is tempting and the enemy knows it well! Do you? Seriously, do you recognize your temptation trouble spots?

Prayer is a simple strategy with profound results . . . pray. Don’t stop. My friend, pray.

The second important thing Lisa did through her tireless typing and praying is to establish agreement and accountability. 

We need each other.

The roaring lion seeks whom he may devour, but I can guarantee you he will become a “scaredy cat” and think twice if the “whom” he is trying to attack is locked arms with a bunch of Bible-believing, praying women!

The enemy goes for the solitary and the silent. You already speak silent words to yourself and they can remain tools of the enemy if you don’t confess them to God and make yourself accountable to a friend. If you keep speaking silent lies to yourself, you are providing the enemy with the weapons he most wants to use against you.

Unconfessed sin and unacknowledged weaknesses are what he can use to destroy you. Don’t give him weapons; give him a united front and a fight!!

Ecclesiastes 4:12  reminds us  that a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

The 3-stranded cord is not “me, myself and I!” It’s you, a buddy and Jesus.

So, place yourself in relationship with someone with whom you can be honest and accountable.

Blind since the age of 15, speaker, singer and author, Jennifer has written 10 books and Bible studies. She has appeared on Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, Life Today, and the Billy Graham Television Special. She is also the founder and publisher of the popular online magazine, WomensMinistry.NET.

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