How to deal with anxiety!

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It is easy to feel anxious in this fast paced 21st century world. 

Sometimes change occurs so rapidly that we feel we don’t have time to catch our breath.  Life can seem overwhelming with all the pressures and challenges that come our way in a single day.  Raising children, financial problems, health issues and a host of other things can all take a toll on us.  I find it so comforting to be a Christ follower.  Being a disciple of Jesus does not mean that I am without my problems and challenges.  What it does mean is that I do not have to carry my burdens on my own.  I am invited to take my problems, anxieties and cares to Jesus and cast them on Him.

I love what Paul says to the church in Philippians 4:6-8: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Paul encourages us on a number of fronts:

  1. We are encouraged not to be anxious about anything.  In other words, no situation should overwhelm us because we know God is in control.
  2. Paul urges us to pray about every situation we face.  Don’t stress, speak to your Heavenly Father.  Anxiety is going to take a toll on your own well being; God knew that and that is why he encourages us to bring all our anxieties and concerns to Him.
  3. We should be present our requests to God with thanksgiving.  So then, we are thanking God in advance for what He will do, and we trust Him wholeheartedly to meet our needs.  To trust and have faith is to believe even though we cannot see the evidence of what we believe for.
  4. Paul assures us that if we do all of the above, then God’s peace, which surpasses our human understanding, will guard our hearts.  Simply put, His peace will be ours even in the most trying of circumstances.  This peace will be ours even when it defies human logic – when our hearts should be anxious and troubled, His perfect peace will be our portion.

How wonderful to have a God who cares so much for His children.  He does not want us to be weighed down with anxiety, and so He invites us to come to Him and cast our cares on Him allowing Him to fill us with His peace.  Amazing!

You may have to be intentional about letting go of your anxiety. 

Stop.     Take time.     Pray.

Leave your anxiety with Jesus!

If you are anything like me you are prone to leave your burden with the Lord and then take it right back a few hours later.  That is why we need the discipline of constantly praying and taking our requests to the Lord.  I find the more I pray the more dependent I become on Jesus.  Sitting at His feet is a safe and comforting place.  I pray that His peace will be your portion in the midst of every situation you face today.

Carol is married to Paul and they have two wonderful children and two grandchildren. She has lived on four continents, traveled to over 50 countries and preached in most of them. She is passionate about Jesus and His Kingdom and has just published her memoir, Wild Hope. She has a PhD in practical theology and currently serves as Director of the Graduate School at Trinity Bible College, North Dakota.


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