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About Aldyth

I am a South African who’s been ex-patting in Ghana, Zambia and Burkina Faso for the past 12 years. I’ve loved every minute of it. We went there because my husband, Ian, works for a company that makes explosives for the mines. (Ghana and Burkina Faso have gold, and Zambia has copper.)

I’ve visited 16 African countries (plus Zanzibar which is part of Tanzania), lived in five, seen some of the great lakes and most of the major game reserves, and been stunned by the beauty and vastness of places so few ever get to see.

And don’t even get me started on the wonderful people I’ve met along the way—always friendly, always helpful. One of the greatest lessons for me has been that there’s truly no place you can call “the middle of nowhere” (okay, maybe in the middle of the Sahara, but I haven’t been there). Everywhere you travel there are communities, and people who’ve lived there for generations. I hope to share some of my experiences on this blog.

I have also organised the Beauty for Ashes women’s conferences for the past 21 years. Fortunately for me I had internet access and a great team back in Johannesburg, or I would not have been able to do it.

Some other facts:

  • I am a breast cancer survivor of 13 years. You can read my story here and here.
  • Before we went ex-patting I was a high school history teacher for 17 years.
  • I have three adult children and five little grandsons who are the joy of my life.
  • I love, love, love reading! Anything, but especially memoirs, biographies, history and detective stories.
  • I do nearly all of my reading on a kindle—lived in too many places that don’t even have a bookshop, but now I like the large font and the self-lighting.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog and leave some comments on the posts you read.

Aldyth Thomson


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