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It is a Friday night – Saturday event held in Johannesburg every May.

Women gather together to hear powerful speakers who are ‘real’ women sharing from their personal experiences by combining honesty, vulnerability, and humour with the transforming power of God’s Word.

The dates and speakers for the May 2017 event will soon be confirmed.

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We have just celebrated Beauty for Ashes 21st year and 33rd conference… imagine that!

We were so blessed and inspired by Michele Cushatt and Tricia Goyer at the May 2016 conference!

Michele knows first-hand:

  • the pain of divorce
  • the struggles of remarriage
  • and blended families
  • the blow of a cancer diagnosis
  • and the incredible challenge of taking in three young special-needs children

You can read her inspiring story in her memoir ‘Undone’ which you can order from us on this website. Alternately, you can order the complete set of 2016 Conference CDs from us.

Tricia knows first-hand:

  • the pain of a difficult childhood
  • the pain of abortion
  • the pain of an unplanned teenage pregnancy
  • the challenges of adopting seven children

We have a few of Tricia’s books available for sale as well.

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So looking forward to hosting you in May 2017!

With love

Aldyth, Karen, Michelle & the team


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