7 ways to know God’s call


There is a myth today that says we must get our life organized and in order before we follow God’s call. Our kids must have adequate time with us. Our debt must be paid down. Our days must have space . . . and peace.

After all, how can we do great things for God when we don’t even have time to spend ten minutes in prayer? How can we give from a empty well? How can we spare what we don’t have: whether it be time, money or energy. Yet God’s call never waits for us to unclutter our lives. In fact, He usually calls us when we have nothing to spare. Why?

When we don’t have anything to give, we look to the Giver.
When we have no time, we must readjust our priorities and set things according to God’s schedule.
When we feel foolish and inadequate, we’ll look to God’s wisdom.
When we feel wrung out, we’ll look to His strength.
And in the midst of following Him, we’ll find Him.

When John and I were busy with careers and older kids, God called us to adopt.
When I was a busy homeschooling mom and writer, He called me to help start a crisis pregnancy center.
When our family was settled in Montana, God called us to Arkansas—and to an inner city church.
When I had not a moment to spare with book deadlines and kids, He’s continued to call me to serve and inspire teenage moms through our Teen MOPS support group.

Even last week when I had family visiting and a book deadline, God called John and I to help a teen mom move her and her kids. She was blessed. We were blessed, too.

And what have I discovered?

More time? (Not really.)
More energy? (I wish!)

Instead, I’ve discovered that when I do God’s work He takes care of mine (the deadlines get met, the kids get cared for).

Yes, the words for the books and blogs come when I’m too tired to think. And my children are trained on what following God looks like.

Something else happens, too. Lives are transformed. Children without a home find one. Young women who don’t know what being a mother means are mentored. Some of these young women in crisis even bow their heads and pray for salvation. (I’ve got to experience that recently!)

How do you know what God’s calling you to do?

(Notice I didn’t say IF He’s calling.) Here are 7 ways:

  1. There’s a burden on your heart you can’t shake.
  2. There is a specific person you know of who needs your help.
  3. The Scripture passage that you read encourages you to have faith and step out.
  4. When you pray you have a sense that God is asking you to act.
  5. You don’t have time, but you have a seed of faith.
  6. God brings someone into your life to encourage your calling (your spouse, your pastor, a godly friend.)
  7. You feel as if you can’t do it alone.

There are many things that can occupy our time—there always will be. There are good things that we can devote our lives to, but the most important things are the God things.

When you do decide to step out your schedule won’t automatically clear, it never does. Instead, God will show up. He will give you extra wisdom, energy, resources and strength. But mostly He will give you Himself!

And when you have Him, you have everything.
And when you give others the knowledge of Him, they can have Him, too.
And when lives around you are transformed, all the stuff you were busy with doesn’t seem as important any more.

And God is glorified, because it’ll be clear to everyone that it’s Him doing the work!

How about you? What do you feel God calling you to? What are you doing about it?


Father God, you have blessed me with so much. Thank you for the unique life you given me. Help me manage my time and resources wisely. Guide me as I look to what you are calling me to do and give me the strength and wisdom to fulfill my purpose.

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Beauty for Ashes 2016 speaker, Tricia Goyer is a busy mom of ten, grandmother of two, and wife to John. Somewhere around the hustle and bustle of family life, she manages to find the time to write fictional tales delighting and entertaining readers and non-fiction titles offering encouragement and hope. A bestselling author, Tricia has published more than fifty books to date and has written more than 500 articles. She is a two-time Carol Award winner, as well as a Christy and ECPA Award nominee. In 2010, she was selected as one of the Top 20 Moms to Follow on Twitter by SheKnows.com.

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