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2014 Conference

Ellie Lofaro

Speaker, author & Bible teacher


Read JOY! magazine article about Ellie here

Ellie has touched the hearts and funny-bones of women since 1984 with her engaging warmth. Her ability to discover humour in everyday situations and her deep understanding of God’s grace have brought laughter, hope and encouragement to many. She touches the heart, stimulates the mind, and nourishes the soul.

Ellie grew up in New York as a first generation American from a “very Italian” family. In 2008, she teamed up with fellow Italian New Yorker, Kathy Troccoli, to present the women’s conference Spaghetti for the Soul: A Feast of Faith, Hope, and Love. Spaghetti for the Soul is being joyfully “served” to women in 50 cities across America. In 2010, they launched an all new conference titled LOOK UP! Timeless Truths for Trying Times. She and Kathy Troccoli also co-authored the book Spaghetti for the Soul.

Ellie’s other books are: From Battle Scars to Beauty Marks, Portraits of Women Who Turned Trials to Triumphs; Leap of Faith; Bonding with the Blonde Women and Slices of Life. She has also written for many magazines.

Ellie has been a featured guest on programmes such as James Dobson’s Focus on the Family, James Robison’s Life Today, 100 Huntley Street, The Harvest Show, and CBN’s Living the Life, among others.

Ellie is married to Frank, and they live near Washington DC. They have three children: Paris (named for the City of Light), Jordan (named for the River of Life), and Capri (named for the Isle of Love).

What others say:

Ellie Lofaro is flat out funny! She is a wonderful author and speaker with a dry wit and a winsome style that draws you in and lands a powerful punch. More importantly, Ellie has a vibrant relationship with the Lord and has dedicated her life to making His truths known. She cares deeply and speaks those truths in love. – Dr. James Dobson, Founder and Chairman of Focus on the Family

Listening to Ellie teach God’s Word is an experience that one never forgets. She weaves the truths of Scripture with practical application and humour in a way that mesmerises the mind and stirs the soul. Ellie is a gift to the body of Christ…prepare to be blessed. – Priscilla Shirer, Author and 2007 BFA Speaker

When Ellie Lofaro speaks, people listen.  Her high energy, biblical depth, authentic life, profound illustrations, and genuine heart for the needs of people make her one of today’s top speakers.  She combines excellent content with personal warmth on and off the platform.  I highly recommend her ministry! – Carol Kent,  2008 BFA Speaker, Author, President of Speak Up Speaker Services

Ellie Lofaro is a vivacious and gifted Christian communicator. Patty and I consider her a friend. – Charles Colson, Author, Founder and Chairman of Prison Fellowship

Ellie will feed your passion for living more like Christ. Josh McDowell, Author, Founder and President of Josh McDowell Ministries.

Point of Grace

One of the top 10 best-selling artists in the history of Contemporary Christian Music


Read JOY! magazine article about Point of Grace here

Read The Citizen newspaper article about Point of Grace here

The three women of Point of Grace, Shelley Breen, Leigh Cappillino and Denise Jones, are very excited to be coming to South Africa. We are exceptionally blessed to be able to host them!

Career Highlights

  • 27 #1 songs
  • 24 Consecutive #1 singles, unmatched by any artist in any genre
  • 13 Dove awards
  •  two GRAMMY nominations
  • 12 albums
  • career album sales in excess of 7 million
  • 2 Platinum Records
  • 5 Gold Records
  • 900,000 YouTube video views and growing
  • ICMA’S 2010 “Entertainer of the Year”
  • one of the Top 10 best-selling artists in the history of Contemporary Christian Music
  • Point of Grace are celebrating 20 years together

They are moms, wives, and artists; and, like every working woman, they’re thankful for the fullness in their lives, yet striving to find balance. A strong work ethic — fostered through years of touring, recording and writing — drives these three women to keep making music to share with their listeners. Point of Grace feel a strong connection to their fans, and they foster this connection through frequent touring. “Our live show is what drives us,” Shelley states. “Touring is a constant for us. It’s the personal touch that we’ve always tried to give to our fans.”

In their 12th record, “A Thousand Little Things,” the main song lists the many things to take notice of — and be thankful for — in everyday life. “In all of those moments in life, little and big, we’re reminded that there is a creator who loves us and wants us to have a good life while we’re here,” Shelley says. “And we’re grateful for that,” Leigh chimes in. “Every single day, there are a thousand little things we can truly be thankful for, so I sing that little song all the time.”

They remind us all to be grateful for the thousand little things we’ll experience today, from a warm cup of coffee in the morning to a bedtime novel at night.


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