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2009 Conference (Sept)

Angela Thomas


Watch Angela Thomas on GodTube

Angela Thomas is the author of 11 books, including the bestsellers Do You Think I’m Beautiful? and My Single Mom Life.

Angela’s writings and ministry have grown from her time of deep brokenness when her marriage ended in divorce. “You learn how to love people when you’re broken.” In fact, her brokenness during that time has helped her minister to women with an even greater passion and understanding. “So many women out there are ‘just living.’ They’re keeping the schedules, running their homes, keeping up with work loads, and going through the motions, but deep inside there’s a nagging emptiness. They think, ‘If I had a different job or lived in a different place, then it would be okay – I wouldn’t feel this way.’ “But,” she insists, “I know that I know, this is not the life God has intended for us.”

Angela is a speaker you don’t want to miss!

Nicole C. Mullen


Watch Nicole C. Mullen on YouTube

Nicole C. Mullen is an amazing singer and song-writer. Nominated for 21 Dove Awards (winning 8) and 2 Grammy Awards, she is perhaps best-known for her songs Redeemer and Call on Jesus. She has performed twice at the National Prayer Breakfast for President Bush and sang at his Inaugural Gala in 2005. She has also sung at the NBA All Star Game, at the Billy & Franklin Graham crusades and at the Royal Albert Hall. Two of her songs were featured in the film Left Behind and another in the film End of the Spear.

Whether she’s leading worship, designing fashion for her clothing line or encouraging people to get up and joyfully dance, Nicole’s creativity and passion fuel everything she does. She’s living her dream and encouraging others to do the same.

This is her first visit to South Africa and not to be missed!


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