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2008 Conference

Carol Kent


Watch Carol’s Story on the Billy Graham Prime Time Special

Carol Kent’s life changed forever when her twenty-five year old son, a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and a lieutenant in the navy with an impeccable military record, shot and killed his wife’s ex-husband. Jason Paul Kent now faces a life in prison without the possibility of parole – and his family lives in the aftermath of devastation most cannot imagine.

At the time Carol could not have known that this was only the beginning of a long journey. From the failed appeals process to losing contact with her granddaughters, the heartache has not abated. And yet, she has made a choice to grasp the promises of God.

Carol’s candid retelling of her emotional and spiritual agony will touch your heart. The principles she learned in the process of surviving such unspeakable circumstances will bolster your faith, renew your hope, and challenge you to new levels of personal and spiritual commitment.

Carol is a former radio show co-host and has often been a guest on Focus on the Family and a featured speaker at the Women of Faith, Time Out for Women, Heritage Keepers and Women of Virtue conferences. She regularly appears on radio and television in the USA, and is the founder and director of Speak Up With Confidence, a ministry to help Christians develop their communication skills. She has also founded Speak Up for Hope, a non-profit organisation which will benefit the families of prisoners.

Carol holds a master’s degree in communication arts and a bachelor’s degree in speech education. She has taught speech and drama, and directed women’s ministries at a large mid-western church. She is also on the board of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and her books include: A New Kind of Normal, When I Lay My Isaac Down, Becoming a Woman of Influence, Mothers Have Angel Wings, Secret Longings of the Heart, Tame Your Fears, Speak Up With Confidence, and Detours, Tow Trucks, and Angels in Disguise. The bestseller, When I Lay My Isaac Down, was a Gold Medallion Finalist, received an Award of Merit from Christianity Today magazine, and was the winner of the 2005 Retailers Award.

And when they’re back home in Florida, Carol and her husband, Gene, visit their only son in prison on Sunday afternoons.

Anita Renfroe


Anita featured in the New York Times Magazine

She has been described as “a triple shot of espresso in a decaf world,” but there isn’t a latte cup big enough to hold the party that Anita Renfroe brings. Her inventive blend of musical comedy and inspiration leave audiences with cheeks that hurt and hearts infused with humour and hope. With the ease of your best girlfriend, Anita brings practical wisdom paired with fall-off-your-seat humour. “Laughter breaks down walls, it disarms people, it allows extraordinary truth to be communicated in unexpected ways,” says Anita.

Anita has won a regional Emmy and an ICVM Silver Crown Award for comedy, and is a board member and show case talent for the Christian Comedy Association. She is a regular speaker at the Women of Faith arena events, has appeared on many TV shows – the BBC, CNN and Good Morning America – and has written five books including the bestseller The Purse-Driven Life.

She recently posted her song Total Momsense on both YouTube and Yahoo and has had a total of twelve million hits…and still counting!


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