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2004 Conference

Angela Thomas


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Angela Thomas is the author of many Christian books, including the bestsellers A Beautiful Offering, Do You Think I’m Beautiful? and When Wallflowers Dance and is currently writing a book for single moms that should release in the first half of 2007. She is also a much sought after conference speaker.

Angela is an ordinary woman in passionate pursuit of God. By sharing honestly from her own brokenness, God has given her the tools to minister powerfully into the lives of others.

Angela received her Master’s degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. The next few years brought marriage and four children. On the outside, Angela seemed to be living the life every woman dreams of – then the thing she thought would never happen did – her marriage ended in divorce. Out of this darkness she discovered that God still loved her and that he could still use her. It was not the end of Angela’s story but the beginning of a new chapter. Her brokenness during that time has helped her minister to women with an even greater passion and understanding. Angela’s skill in creating an instant connection with her audience, whether at a conference or in her books, draws women of all ages and life experience to her. Women feel she is a lifelong friend because of her honesty, humour, conversational style, and ability to tell a story like few others.

Angela is passionate about sharing God’s truth with women… anywhere, anytime.


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